cell phones

-Use of cell phones during class time is prohibited. Please be considerate, it is rude to enter the studio with your phone. If you are expecting a call please leave the studio and answer outside.


-Please leave all outdoor shoes, boots and coats outside the studio. Only Barre socks and indoor runners are permitted. 

-Please leave all personal belongings outside of the studio, such as purses and bags.


food and drink

-Only capped water bottles are allowed in the studio. Please do not chew gum or eat in the studio

- If you forget your water bottle, you can use one of our cute mason jars to stay hydrated.


late policy

-Your reservation will be held up to 5 minutes prior to your class, at which time your spot will be released to one of our walk in guests

-Sorry late comers will not be allowed in class. It is disruptive and impolite. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class to give yourself plenty of time.


can't make a class

-Please notify the studio a minimum of three hours prior to your scheduled class time. This will ensure that your class gets returned to your account for you to utilize for your next session. Please note, the class will not be refunded as cash, rather a credit to your account.

- If you fail to cancel prior to 3 hours, your class will be deducted from your package.

- If you have a membership and fail to cancel 3 hours prior to your class your Credit Card on file will be Charged $15 for a late cancel or no show.



- Please respect your fellow classmates with regards to space and boundaries. Make sure to provide room and be mindful of individuals who arrive early to secure a "spot" in class.

- Please refrain from wearing any strong perfumes or scents

-Rest and respect your health and the health of others. Please do not attend class if you are not feeling well


-Please talk with your doctor prior to your first class if you have any injuries or medical issues. Our motivational instructors will inspire your to push yourself, but please listen to your body and workout at a pace that is comfortable for you. Instructors will give various modifications to suit every level in the class, but please let your instructor know prior to class if you have any injuries that would prevent you from doing certain moves.


Thank you for your consideration and making everyone's workout enjoyable!





studio etiquette