New to Class


If you are new to Barre and HIIT Training here are a few helpful tips to make sure you arrive to class prepared.



You should come to class with the proper fitness attire. A comfortable and breathable shirt and pants that you can easily move in. Form fitting is the best for Barre, so we can make sure you have proper technique. A pair of comfortable indoor running shoes are recommended for any of our HIIT Classes.


Please note dance slippers, lyrical shoes or barre socks are mandatory in the studio. This is for hygiene reasons and to prevent injuries. Toe socks will also help you get the most out of those precise, controlled movements in your barre class. Please note our studio carries Toe Sox for purchase if you forget yours.



All you need to bring is a water bottle and a sweat towel if needed.  Barre balls, resistance bands, weights and mats will  all be provided for your use.  Water bottles are sold at the studio if you do forget one.



You do not need a background in Pilates, dance or yoga to attend any of our classes. There are many different levels of classes for beginners and experienced students. Our classes are structured so the moves are effective, yet easy to learn.


If you are brand new to this style of class please be prepared that it will be challenging and the form and technique will not come that day. Please keep in mind your instructor is there to watch and guide you to keep improving each class. Try not to take yourself to seriously and have fun!

Barre is a great way to tone and tighten while HIIT will truly test your cardio endurance!