adrienna dyck - Instructor

As a fitness instructor for over 23 years, Evelyn (Evie) has a wide variety of fitness experience including boot camp, Kickaerobox, dance-based classes, resistance training, step, Hilo aerobics, aqua, Pilates and Barre.  Originally from the Invermere-Radium Hot Springs area, Evelyn is an avid skier and enjoys outdoor sports, and grew up riding horses.

In 1987, when Evelyn originally took fitness training through the YWCA, she was 8 months pregnant and specialized in pre/post-natal fitness, as well as strength training. She enjoys sports such as kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and participates in regular dance classes including Contemporary, Hip Hop, West Coast Swing, and Ballroom dancing.

 My group fitness journey began when I started my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and decided to become certified as an instructor at the same time.

I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Applied Exercise Physiology at the University of Calgary. My passion in this field revolves around 1) improving quality of life for anyone, regardless of ability or health status, through physical activity, and 2) preventing injuries by optimizing a person’s movement patterns.

As a group fitness leader, I am passionate about leading people to discover how exercise improves physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. My mission is to help people experience that a safe and effective exercise class can be empowering and, most of all, fun! My favourite types of classes to teach involve boot-camp style cardio, weight training, and the simple power of bodyweight exercises. 


My passion for yoga started 16 years ago, I experienced the power of breath during my first class, and was inspired. Immediately, I fell in love with yoga.  Since then my passion for yoga has grown immensely, the connection between the body and mind positively influenced my everyday lifestyle.  I got certified in 2011 attending training through Yoga Passage studio (250 RYT). Training opened my eyes about how breath heats your body and helps you open the tighter areas of your body. Yoga helped me a great deal on a personal level; I became more focused, calm, attentive and content with myself. In addition to yoga, I’m avid hiker and passionate cook. 
“Yoga is the practice of tolerating consequences of being yourself” – Bhagavad Gita

Gordana Gigovic- Yoga Instructor

Fanny - Instructor

I'm from Belgium and even if I love my country it never felt home to me.  At 18, I moved in Spain then France and then... Canada.  I was suppose to spend one summer in Montréal but being a mountain lover, I needed to see the rockies before going back on Europe.  I totaly fall in love and never left since 2009.
I've always been active.  My mom put me at ballet as soon as I could walk, I did different types of dance such as hip hop, jazz, modern, african... And a lot of gymnastic.
In France, I used to live and work in a ski resort, wich develop my love for the outdoors.  I can't imagine being far from the mountains.  I love skiing, snowshoeing, cross coutry skiing, hiking, canoeing...
I discover the Beachbody programs 3 years ago, became a coach a year after that and a PiYo Live instructor soon after.  I love what I do, I'm a really passionate instructor it's why I keep adding new certifications.  I'm now certified for Country Heat, Turbo Kick and insanity Live.



victoria romeril- studio owner



Owner and Founder of Barre & Beats, Tori has always has a true love and passion for dance and fitness. Starting out at the early age of four, she began taking ballet and Irish dance classes. Tori has studied extensively in various forms of dance such as ballet, jazz, Irish, lyrical and contemporary giving her the ability to lead and inspire others in their dancing. 

After taking her first group fitness class at the age of 16, she fell in love and religiously attended. It was a few years later, that Tori decided to get her AFLCA and began teaching others. Tori has taught many different styles of group classes such as bootcamps, HIIT, Circuit training and body pump.  Since then Tori has taken her Booty Barre training certificate, which she now teaches barre classes and adds her own personal flare from her years of dance experience. Tori is an instructor with a big heart and truly cares about her students and loves to challenge and push them to their full potential.